Staging a home is a surefire way to attract more interest from prospective buyers, but some sellers don’t have the extra cash to pay a professional home stager. If you want the benefits of home staging but can’t afford to consult a pro, try these five cheap and easy methods to make your home look as clean and organized as a professionally staged listing.

Clear clutter. You can’t expect potential buyers to get a good look at your home if there’s stuff everywhere. Remove items from kitchen and bathroom countertops. It might be a annoying to take them out every time you need them, but the impact of a clean, clear counter is always positive on buyers. Pack away any items that you can spare until you sell and move into a new house.

Put away personal items. Buyers want to visualize how their lives would look if your house were theirs. This is a difficult thing to do with family pictures, kids’ artwork, and sports memorabilia everywhere. You’ll be packing these things once it’s time to move, so go ahead and do it now.

Rearrange and neutralize rooms. Tour a few model homes in nearby neighborhoods to see how the professionals do this. Take note of how furniture is arranged to create inviting spaces. Make sure each room has a clear purpose. In addition, make sure to give each room a neutral look that buyers can personalize. Keep trendy decor to a minimum and repaint any rooms that have non-neutral wall colors.

Clean and deodorize. Odors are a number one turnoff for anyone touring a home. A home with a distinctive pet odor or musty smell stays in the forefront of buyers’ minds…and not for a good reason. Smell is the most powerful and memorable of all the senses, so make a good impression on potential buyers by giving your home a deep clean. Bake cookies, light candles, or simmer yummy spices on the stove before a showing.

Enhance curb appeal. Don’t forget to spruce up the exterior of your home. It’s the first thing buyers see, and the old adage about not judging a book by its cover doesn’t apply here. Landscaping and exterior decor set the mood for the entire showing. Make sure the lawn and flowerbeds are tidy and the exterior and roof are free of any signs of mold, dirt, and leaves. Paint the front door and trim if they need it. Plant seasonal flowers or shrubs. Store any outdoor toys and games when not in use.

These five easy—and free, in some cases!—tasks can be completed in a single weekend and are sure to help your home make a great first impression when it hits the market. If you need a little help or an unbiased eye, be sure to contact us. We’re always happy to advise our clients on the best ways to make their homes more appealing to buyers.





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