If you’re short on living space, you already know you have to be careful with home decor and how much space it takes up. The thing about Christmas decorations is that they tend to take up a little more space than your everyday decor. Even in a larger home, putting up the Christmas tree can sometimes mean rearranging furniture to make room. So how do you decorate your small space for Christmas without overwhelming it? Try these simple ideas for going all-out for the holidays while still keeping your decor to a minimum.

Buy a smaller tabletop tree.

No room for a traditional Christmas tree? Try a tabletop tree instead. If a tiny tree is still too big for your space, try a few branches of greenery in a jar filled with water. Miniature strands of lights and small ornaments can make for a beautiful minimalist tree.

Capitalize on height.

If you have high ceilings, this is prime real estate for your holiday decor. Hang mistletoe, garlands, ornaments, or snowflakes from high ceilings and moldings to draw the eye up and keep decorations out of the way. Hanging swags of greenery above windows and doorways is also a great way to add traditional Christmas decor without taking up living space.

Use soft light.

Christmas lights always make a house seem warm and cheerful. Using strands of white lights adds to the cozy feel of a smaller home without accentuating the lack of space. Candle light, whether it’s real or battery operated, also makes things feel warm and inviting.

Keep centerpieces small.

Just say no to big, flowery centerpieces. Mason jars and cylindrical vases are your friends. Fill with cranberries, peppermints, ornaments, or mini pinecones and add a candle, a painted branch, or a bit of greenery.

Use color.

We all know neutral color palettes make a small space seem bigger. If your home is decorated in a neutral theme, using a few brightly colored decorations can make it feel festive and cheerful. Red and green are the traditional colors of the season, of course, but go as colorful as you want!

Hang tiny wreaths.

Small, plain wreaths of greenery hung with a red or burlap ribbon (depending on your taste and theme) dress up a space easily without being in the way. Try hanging them on cabinets and the backs of chairs to add holiday cheer to your kitchen and dining area.

Make way for stockings.

No room on the mantle to hang your Christmas stockings? Try hanging a curtain rod from the mantlepiece. If you don’t have a fireplace or mantle, create one! Hang a small shelf somewhere in the main living space or add ribbon or twine to an existing one and string up those stockings.

Swap out everyday decor.

If you’re short on shelves and other horizontal space, try packing away your regular, everyday knick knacks and books to make room for all those Christmas decorations you covet. Trade regular throw pillows for holiday ones, or just use pillow covers.

Simmer a pot of Christmas cheer.

Smell is the most powerful sense when it comes to conjuring up memories and good feelings. Set a pot of Christmasy scents to simmer on the stove to create a cheery holiday atmosphere. Toss whatever ingredients you want into a pot of water, bring to a boil, and let it simmer away for hours. One of our favorite recipes uses cinnamon sticks, cranberries, cloves, ginger, a small pine branch, and vanilla. The best part is that you can keep reusing it by adding more water once it boils off.

Decorate the door.

If you’re super short on space or like to keep things neutral year round, feel free to go all out with your exterior decorations! Lights, garlands, ribbons, a big ol’ festive wreath—you name it. Set the tone with your outside decor to welcome guests in a joyful way.





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