Need a way to hide your television when it's not in use? Tired of wrangling those paperclips and rubberbands? Sometimes the easiest solution is the best solution! Our previous post on homeowner hacks was so popular that we thought we'd bring you a few more. Read on for a new list of 14 hacks for homeowners.

1. Can't figure out where the studs are in your walls? Studs are typically 16 inches apart. Find one, and you're golden!

2. Keep locks from seizing by spraying with Teflon once a year.

3. Televisions can bring down the decor in a room. We love these ideas for hiding them when not in use. 

4. Clean stove vents in a jiffy. In a stainless steel pot, bring water to a boil. Add baking soda until you get a good fizz. With a pair of tongs, dip the vents in for about a minute. If they’re too big to fit in the pot, do one side at a time.

5. Never misplace paint colors again! Stick a piece of painter’s tape on the back of a light switch cover. With a permanent marker, write the color name, swatch number, and date. Include a piece of the color swatch if desired.

6. Turn your shower into a spa by hanging a sprig of eucalyptus from the shower head. 

7. Never lose another thumbtack or paperclip. Use a spice rack to organize small office supplies or craft items. 

8. Keep track of nails when hanging pictures by gluing a magnet to the bottom of your hammer.

9. Ants in the sandbox? Add about a cup of ground cinnamon. It does wonders to keep bugs out.

10. Speaking of bugs, burn a little bundle of sage in your outdoor fire pit to keep pesky mosquitoes and gnats away.

11. Save money on dryer sheets. Soak a cloth in fabric softener and hang it out to dry for a couple of days. Instead of using fabric softening sheets, add the dried cloth to every dryer load. You should get about 30 uses out of it.

12. Mount a small wire basket under a desk to keep a power strip off the floor and out of sight.

13. Tired of basic brass doorknobs? Give them new life with a paint like Rustoleum Oil Rubbed bronze spray.

14. Clean baseboards with dryer sheets. It keeps dust from sticking, lengthening the time between cleanings.

There you have it! What other hacks can you think of for homeowners who need a quick fix?


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