When it comes to home renovations and upgrades, there’s the tried and true, the goal-worthy projects, and the boring old necessary repairs. But there are also a few home upgrades we’d be willing to bet you’ve been overlooking. These are upgrades, both large and small, that are well worth the time, money, and effort they take to install in your home. Not only do they make your life just a little bit easier, but they’re also great features for resale value. 


Inexpensive, simple, and quick to install, dimmer switches are the easiest change that can actually make a huge impact in your home. If you’re unsatisfied with how harsh the overhead lighting is in your bedroom, or if you just want to set a relaxed, after-dinner mood in your entertaining space, a dimmer switch is your best solution. 

Second-Story Laundry

Not to be overly dramatic, but having your laundry room upstairs can be absolutely life-changing. No exaggeration. When your washer and dryer live on the same floor as the rooms that tend to hold and create the most dirty clothes and linens, you’re more apt to keep up with the laundry and less likely to let it pile up. Just think: no more carrying bulky loads of laundry up and down the stairs on laundry day!

Heated Floors

You know those unexpectedly chilly mornings that send shivers down your spine as soon as your feet hit the floor? It’s the worst. No one wants to be jerked out of that cozy, just-woke-up feeling in such a rude way. Combat those frozen feet by installing heated floors in your home. We know heated floors sound like a huge splurge, but since they’re very energy-efficient, they could actually save you money over time. In fact, radiant heating, which is what heated floors are, is more efficient than other systems such as baseboard heating or forced-air heating. While the installation might be a bit pricey up front, you and your wallet—and your toasty warm toes!—will be happy you did it in the long run. 

Double Sink Vanities

Are we wrong to admit that quite a few of our marital squabbles have started over a single sink in a bathroom? If you and your partner or roommate tend to get ready for the day around the same time, it can be a pain to coordinate everything from brushing your teeth to combing your hair or putting on makeup. Yes, we realize this is a total “first world problem,” but honestly, life is just that much easier when you have two sinks in the bathroom. The slightly higher price of installing a double-sink vanity is well worth the convenience and the time you'll save. 


If the exterior of your home is looking tired and blah, it might be time to perk up your landscaping. You might’ve already thought of repainting the siding and sprucing up all the components of your actual house, but sometimes we tend to overlook the landscaping. Think of it as “makeup” for your house. Give it some color with pretty florals in window boxes or some flowering bushes in the beds underneath. Highlight the best areas with pavers or your favorite edging. Plant a hedgerow to delineate other areas. The result these small additions make will change the way you look at your home when you make your way up the driveway each day.



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