Powder room. Water closet. No matter what cute, creative name you give them, small bathrooms can cause big problems. Of course there are issues like lack of storage and room to move about, but there's also the question of how to make a tiny bathroom look appealing. Here are a few quick tips for opening up and adding character to any small bathroom. 

Draw the eye up. Extra tall wainscoting is a good way to make a bathroom look taller, creating the illusion of more space. If you're not a fan, try installing another interesting detail close to the top of the wall.

Use a chair rail as shelving. Extend the top of your chair rail to create some space above-the-counter storage.

Get a claw-foot tub. It takes up less room than a traditional tub or surround shower and lend a vintage feel to the space.

Lighten it up. If your small bathroom has a window, think about expanding it. As with any other room, the more natural light you have, the bigger a space feels.

Cut it out. Create niches in walls where toilets, vanities, or storage items can be pushed back. You'll be grateful even if it gives you just a few more inches of floor space.

Install a pedestal sink. Choose one with pretty details. Bonus points if it has room underneath for a small nightstand or other piece of furniture to act as storage.

Give it character. A smaller room is perfect for a vintage or bohemian look. A unique paint job, like wide horizontal stripes, can also help widen the room. (Don't wince at the idea of stripes. They can be done subtly with neutral colors!)

Open up the shower by taking away the curtain or other enclosure and adding a glass wall and door.

Any other ideas for opening up a small bathroom?




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