In regards to decor and atmosphere, the guest room is probably one of the most overlooked rooms. Today, we’re bringing you some ideas for giving your guests the royal treatment—at least as far as accommodations are concerned. Here are just a few tips for giving your guest room the look and feel of a luxurious boutique hotel.


  • Create space by playing around with furnishings and decor. For example, mounting curtains at ceiling level draws the eye up and makes a room appear taller.
  • Add trim if you don’t already have it. Details like crown molding and wider baseboards can go a long way to dress up an otherwise basic room. If you already have crown molding, think about adding a customized touch with a smaller piece of molding underneath.
  • The bed and other seating options should appear plush and inviting. Make the bed with a fluffy duvet and linens with high thread counts. White linens with touches of color or pattern here and there are more inviting than all-over detail.
  • Use pillow inserts that are just a tad bigger than your pillow covers for another plush, custom look. Even the limpest throw pillow can become appealing using this technique.
  • Take chances where color is concerned. Most boutique hotels are good about using bold choices without them being too in-your-face. Use paint to create sleek, sophisticated touches. For example, paint the inside of the door a glossy black. Paint the closet walls a vibrant color. You can even leave the walls white and just paint the trim for an unexpected detail.
  • Small touches add up to make a big difference, but don’t go overboard with accessories. Think minimalism. Dress up the room with fresh flowers in chic vases. Group interesting embellishments into odd-numbered groups. Add a sleek, coordinated stack of books to a table. Leave a pitcher of chilled water and glasses on the bedside table.
  • Keep personalized details out of the guest room. Don’t leave family photos on the walls or winter clothes in the closet.

Put these tips to the test, and your guests will feel like they’re vacationing in the most luxurious hotel, making them happy and comfortable. What other ideas do you have for turning a guest bedroom into a boutique-style boudoir?




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