After last winter’s milder weather, it seems like we’re in for a colder winter here in the Lowcountry this year! Whether that excites you or sends a literal chill down your spine, we’ve got a few easy ways to help warm things up. Use these ten tips for making your home look and feel cozier during cold weather.

Use a variety of textures.

Create a warm feel in your living and bedrooms by layering different textures. Wool, chunky knits, fleece, and faux fur all work together to create a cozy atmosphere. Try a blanket ladder to display gorgeous textiles. Not only do blankets look comfy and warm arranged across couches and chairs, but they can also be functional when you feel the need to turn up the thermostat.

Reverse the direction of ceiling fans.

During the summer, ceiling fans should turn counterclockwise when you look up at them. This pushes cool air down and helps you to feel cooler without adjusting the thermostat. In the winter, fans should be switched to rotate clockwise, allowing the blades to pull up cooler air and push down warm air that collects at the ceiling.

Switch to heavier drapery.

There’s nothing like sheer curtains billowing in a spring breeze, but in the colder months, you’re going to want heavier window dressings to help keep the warm air inside. Heavy drapery helps keep out cool air that might seep in and keeps heat inside. Heavier fabrics also make things seem visibly cozier.

Use rugs to warm your feet.

We all wish for heated bathroom floors on those cold winter mornings. Instead of shelling out the cash for heated tiles, though, try bigger, thicker rugs in bathrooms and bedrooms for the season. Did you know you can also layer rugs? A current trend in home decor is to layer a faux fur rug over a flat area rug for a warm, inviting look.

Light some candles.

Even though candles don’t add much actual heat to a room, there’s something about them that adds instant warmth. Perhaps it’s the suggestion of fire or just the soft glow of light they provide. Maybe they just remind us of being cozy and happy during the holidays. Whatever the reason, candles are a great way to make everything feel homey.

Use more lamps.

Turn off the harsh, bright overhead lighting and create a soft, warm glow with table lights and floor lamps. Edison bulbs are especially fun for creating warm light. Bonus: this type of of lighting is more flattering than overhead light.

Try essential oils.

If you don’t own an essential oil diffuser, we highly suggest going out and grabbing one. They’re highly available in most stores now, including affordable options like Walmart, drugstores, and TJ Maxx. They range from the strictly functional to sleek and beautiful, but they all get the same job done. Add natural essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus for relaxation and ambiance.

Light a fire.

This one might be a tad bit obvious, but stick with us. Lighting a fire is the number one way to help a home feel cozy. If you don’t have a fireplace, try an electric one. You can find them for around $100, and many of them come with adjustable thermostats.

Get crafty.

Use an old sweater to make a lap blanket, a throw pillow, or even a pouf ottoman like this one. Ideas abound on Pinterest with instructions on how to recycle old clothing. Sweaters are already warm and interesting with their pretty patterns and cable knits, so they make the perfect material for cozy crafts!

Create a tabletop vignette.

Place a tray on your coffee table or ottoman where you can display items that inspire a cozy feeling. Try the following:

  • A bottle of wine and some wine glasses, a stack of leather-bound books, and a candle
  • Mugs for cocoa, candy canes, and a book on Hygge
  • Pretty candlesticks, a small vase of winter flowers or greenery, and snacks in a glass bowl

Have fun with your warm and cozy decor! Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, textures, and colors. Just make sure to personalize it and make it really feel like home. What are your other ideas for making a home look and feel cozier for the winter?




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