Staging a home might sound like a pretty straightforward and standard process, but it’s actually the opposite. Every house has different features that need to be either highlighted or played down. If you think of staging a house like staging a production, each room in the house is a different character, and staging those rooms is like costuming the characters. You want the “costume” to say something about that room, its purpose, and its best characteristics. You wouldn’t put a main character in drab, out-of-date clothing if you want him or her to shine. So why would you allow potential buyers to see your house outfitted with dull, dingy paint on the walls, dated fixtures, and tired furnishings? When you put your home on the market, you want it to be at its very best and outshine all the others. Here are a few home trends to follow in 2018 to help your house stand out among the rest.

Vibrant Colors

Bright and bold is the way to go right now in home decor. Neutrals are still the best choice for wall colors if you’re putting your home on the market, but you can bring in pops of bright, vibrant colors in furniture, accessories, curtains, or rugs.

Neutral Blue

Instead of giving walls the beige treatment, go for a more modern neutral. Blues that trend toward gray are a great alternative to other neutrals that could be seen as boring and basic. Neutral blue shades give a room a calming yet modern effect while also being quite versatile.

Metallic Accents

Metallics have been big in home design for a while, and the trend is expected to continue through 2018. These accents can give a luxe feel to any room, but make sure to use them sparingly. A pair of small end tables, a gilded mirror, or a pretty chandelier can be the perfect touch to elevate any room.

High Class Kitchen Elements

The kitchen is a main selling point for most homes, so it’s important to keep this room looking modern and smart. This year, high class elements are all the rage in kitchens. Try quartz countertops as an alternative to granite. Give lower and upper cabinets different finishes. Add in appliances in fun colors and cement tiles for backsplash if you’re going for a very of-the-moment look.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are trending big time in the design world. Go big with patterned wallpaper, which goes extremely well with features like wainscoting and crown molding. If you’re not quite brave enough to paper a room in a busy pattern, try incorporating geometric patterns with quilts, throw pillows, or even tiles.

Vintage Lighting

Wait a minute. Didn’t we just say, “You don’t want your home to look dated…”? Well, yes. But dated and vintage aren’t necessarily the same thing. It’s the difference between a basic brass chandelier and a really cool copper fixture outfitted with Edison bulbs. Instead of a boring, utilitarian desk lamp, consider a green glass banker’s lamp.

Concrete Fireplaces

If your fireplace surround needs an upgrade, think about a concrete finish. This can be an inexpensive, totally customizable project if you do it yourself. If you do plan to tackle this project on your own, please have your chimney inspected and consult a pro first to make sure it’s safe to do so.

Velvet Furniture

Pair velvet sofas and/or chairs with those bold accessories, metallic accents, and vintage lighting we mentioned above, and you’ll have the perfectly updated living room for 2018.

Minimalist Bedrooms

Bedrooms are trending back toward minimalism this year. The “less-is-more” look allows the focus of the room to be calming and restful. This minimalist look is perfect for home staging, as it shows buyers the purpose of a room while also highlighting its best features.

Natural Furnishing

In keeping with minimalism, natural furnishings are having a moment right now. Maybe it’s a desire to have a little something of nature around when we’re so engulfed in technology in our daily lives. Maybe it’s just a desire for clean lines and a simple feel. Either way, natural furnishings are definitely on trend.

Mini Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have been wildly popular for a few years, but they’re getting a shrunken look this year. Mini subway tiles create a sort of cleaner, more neutral mosaic effect as a kitchen backsplash or on bathroom walls.

Iridescent Accents

Thanks in part to the recent pop culture craze over mermaids and unicorns, iridescent accents have made their way into fashion and home decor. This is one trend you really don’t want to go overboard with, though. Introduce a little iridescence with smaller accessories like barware, flatware, small light fixtures, coasters, vases, or serving bowls.

Bold Typography

Typography has been popular in home decor for a while now, but this year it’s out with trite sayings and clichéd vinyl transfers and in with big, bold typography as wall art. This works best with short, simple phrases or names and pairs very well with minimalism mixed with bold accent colors.


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