Some spaces in your home are a given when it comes to decorating. But if you have kitchen cabinets that don’t reach the ceiling, you might be wondering what to do with all that blank space above. Sure, you could just leave it empty, but that blank space can actually be pretty valuable real estate when it comes to storing or displaying certain items. Here are ___ things to do with the open space above your kitchen cabinets.

Display a Collection

Do you have a collection that’s not necessarily special enough to warrant its own display cabinet or shelf in another part of your home? Maybe some coffee mugs from your travels, or all the dozens of rooster figurines people have given you over the years because you mentioned that you like them. (Don’t we all have some sort of collection like that?) This is the perfect spot for those little items you don’t have to heart to get rid of, but aren’t sure where to put.

Create Storage Space

Use nice bins or baskets to create appealing storage that hides all those things you don’t like to store out in the open. Whether you use the area to store kitchen items or little things you don’t have space for elsewhere, it’ll be out of sight but still accessible.

Show Off Pretty Kitchenware

That pretty china or colorful fiestaware is too eye-catching to keep stored away inside a cabinet. Create a set-up for your prettiest, most colorful dishes above the cabinet instead.

Bring in Some Greenery

Use greenery to breathe a little life and air into the kitchen. It’s best to use fake greenery for the sake of upkeep, but something like a bright, tumbling ivy can still give the room a natural feel.

Make Room for Essentials

If you’re short on cabinet space, look up. Things like small appliances that you don’t use every day can spend most of their time hanging out above the kitchen cabinets. As long as it doesn’t present a fire hazard, you could even think about using the space as a bookshelf using your prettiest hardbacks.

Add Height with Tall Pieces

If the blank space between the cabinets and ceiling is especially large and sparse, use tall items to add the illusion of height. Think about tall vases with something like a reed or bamboo.

Display Art

Take advantage of this open space to display paintings, prints, or even trendy word art that you don’t have space to hang on the walls. The best part is there’s no need to use nails or hooks or make sure the pieces are hanging straight. Simply prop them on the top of the cabinets against the walls.


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