Curb appeal always counts, and autumn is one of the best seasons for creating a truly inviting first impression of your home. We may still be hanging out on the beach and wearing shorts and flip flops in the Lowcountry, but we can still take inspiration from falling leaves, hayrides, pumpkin patches, and apple orchards. If you’re trying to sell your home this fall, you’re in luck. Here are some of the best ways to take advantage of the season and spruce up your curb appeal for the fall season.

Keep the lawn free of leaves and debris.

It might be hard to keep up with the falling leaves once the weather begins to cool off, but raking more frequently actually equates to less work and a healthier lawn. The more often you rake, the fewer leaves you’ll have to collect each time. This also helps cut down on the number of leaves left to decay and damage your lawn.

Plant fall flowers.

When warm weather plants and flowers begin to fade and wilt for the season, spruce up flower beds and window boxes with species that thrive in cooler fall weather. Flowers like mums add a pretty splash of color to any walkway, flower bed, or front stoop.

Revive your home’s exterior.

Some homes take a real beating during the summer thanks to the scorching sun and summer thunderstorms. Take advantage of the slightly cooler weather to clean up the exterior of your home. Make sure the roof, gutters, siding, and windows are all clean and free from damage. Refresh any paint that might have faded or chipped during the harsher, hotter months.

Add or maintain outdoor lighting.

It’s getting dark a lot earlier these days, which means there’s a good chance you either leave or come home in the dark or dusk. Now’s a great time to add some outdoor lighting for safety’s sake. As an added bonus, illuminated pathways and porches are inviting and warm.

Pull back on the themed decor.

If you’re trying to sell your home this fall, save your usual seasonal decor for next year. Too many holiday-themed decorations (think scarecrows, inflatables, and spooky jack-o-lanterns) can be distracting to buyers who want to see your home at its best. Go with something more neutral and simple like a rustic, fall-themed wreath and a couple of tasteful pumpkins by the front door.

Consider a new color for your front door.

Try out a new warm, autumn color on your front door. Go with a warm red, deep eggplant, moss green, pumpkin, or gold. You might want to think about adding the color to shutters or trim too. Then coordinate your flower beds so they don’t clash with your newly painted door.


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