Some homeowners know exactly what they want from their home decor, and they keep everything pretty standard most of the time. Others like to change things up every once in a while. If you’re more like the latter, we’d be willing to wager that you’re always on the lookout for budget-friendly ideas and cheap chic trends. In that case, this week’s how-to is definitely for you! Add these updates to your arsenal and make a big difference without putting a big dent in your wallet.

Replace Your Hardware

You don’t need to do a major overhaul on your kitchen or bathroom to get an updated look. Just replace cabinet door handles, drawer pulls, faucets, and/or light fixtures for an instant refresh. Go with a matching set of handles and pulls, or go eclectic and mix and match your metals and patterns.

Update Window Treatments

Updating window treatments is a quick and easy change that can actually result in a huge transformation for a room. Switching from heavy blackout curtains to pretty, flowy sheers, for example, changes the tone of a room and lets in tons more natural light. It makes for an instant uplift in both the mood and aesthetic. If you want the opposite effect going into fall and winter, cozy up your window treatments by layering them or using darker colors and softer textures.

Create a Statement Wall

Paint one wall a solid color or pattern to liven up a space. If you’re afraid of that kind of commitment, go with a removable wallpaper for a dynamic look. Keep it simple with a graphic black and white pattern; go bold and trendy with fun, retro designs like flamingos or cactuses; or make things soft and pretty with a gorgeous floral design. You don’t have to go so far as to change the actual wall. You could also use shelves, artwork, or framed photos to cover a wall and create a statement piece too.

Switch Out Textiles

For a super quick refresh, change up your throw pillows, afghans, and rugs. This is the perfect way to change things up every season—or even more often if you have the storage space for the extra pieces. Elevate a room’s vibe by adding pillows and throw blankets in bright, lively colors and patterns. Make things homey with seasonal textiles like knits, furs, and leathers. There are so many options for every taste level!

Change Angles

Sometimes all it takes is a little adjusting of existing pieces to breathe new life into a room. Lay an area rug on the diagonal for some visual interest. If that’s not your style, just change up the orientation of your furniture and other decor pieces. For instance, move a couch or chair to the opposite side of a room for instant inspiration.


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