While it’s smart to keep things fairly neutral and future-proof when trying to sell your home, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on trends that could give you an edge. Stand out from the pack of sellers by throwing a few newer, trendier features into your neutral base palette. Here are just a few of the trends homebuyers will be on the lookout for when house-hunting this year.

Warm neutrals. While gray remains our favorite neutral color, design pros are predicting a warming trend for 2019. Instead of greige, bo beige. Buyers might be more drawn to more classic neutrals like beiges, taupes, and even creams with a slightly pinkish tinge this year.

Natural light and fresh air. Buyers know that natural light can be a boon to both mood and health, so they’ll be looking for lots of windows, skylights, and indoor/outdoor living. If your house has a darker, cozier feel currently, consult a contractor to see if it’s possible to add some windows or skylights. You might also think about building a deck, screened-in porch, or sunroom on the back of the house.

Sustainable features. Savvy homebuyers are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. You can capture their attention by including sustainable features like induction cooktops, mini-split HVAC systems, and heat pump water heaters. If you really want to up the ante, look into installing solar panels and charging stations for electric cars.

Darker shades of pink. Millennial pink had its moment in the spotlight, and while it’s still a very pretty and elegant color, buyers will be looking for more obvious pops of color this year. Go with a deeper raspberry tone for statement pieces (kitchen islands, couches, and area rugs), or just tie it in subtly here and there (wall art, throw pillows, or trimwork).

Tweed. Lush materials like velvet have been at the head of the class for the last few years, but look toward a slightly lighter textile for 2019. Tweed can be lightened up and neutralized in creamy colors, or it can pack a gorgeous, sophisticated punch in darker tones like black. Since it’s a tightly woven wool, a tweed sofa won’t look out of place paired with the jewel-toned velvet armchairs you just bought last year.

Patterned tiles. Everyone loves a clean, white subway tile, but this is the year of high contrast and artisan design. Buyers will be looking to make a statement with tiles. Much like wallpaper, tile can provide a gorgeous focal point in a room. Go for contrasting wall and floor tiles that play off of one another. Or just go with a lighter tile and dark grout, or vice versa.

Florals. And we don’t mean Laura Ashley circa 1993. We mean big, loud, often abstract florals like you might see on the New York and Paris runways. We expect to see these florals grace wallpapers, bedding, other textiles, and more in the coming months.


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