There’s a reason the word “chore” holds a negative connotation for most of the population. Everyone is so busy all the time, and we all have better things to do instead of performing these pesky routine tasks. The majority of household chores can be pushed aside for later, but there are some that should be performed daily when possible.

Make the Bed

This task takes almost no time out of your day. Making your bed is an easy way to help your bedroom look and feel tidier in a matter of seconds. Starting the day by performing this one easy task sets the tone for a productive, happy day. And call us crazy, but seeing a neatly made bed each night always makes us feel more restful than one that’s in disarray.

Tackle the Dishes

You know that really satisfying feeling you get when all the dishes are done and the sink is empty, clean, and gleaming with pride? We love that feeling. But then one dirty fork gets placed in the sink, and suddenly there’s an overflowing pile of dirty dishes. At least that’s what it seems like! Instead of letting dirty dishes amass in the sink (or overflow onto counters—yikes!), wash them or place them in the dishwasher as you go. It’ll only take a couple of minutes to get them done if you don’t let them pile up.

Gather Dirty Laundry

It’s fine to leave the laundry until the weekend or a designated laundry day. But you should at least make sure to put all the dirty laundry in a hamper or basket instead of leaving it wherever you take it off. Just a couple of outfits and towels lying around somehow have a way of making an entire room look dirty.

Wipe Down Kitchen Surfaces

A quick swipe of the kitchen counters and/or cabinets with a Clorox wipe, your homemade natural cleaner, or just a wet kitchen towel will do wonders. When you’re finished with an area, a quick cleanup job will keep you from having to do a major one later on. It also helps prevent the spreading of bacteria and other germs that might make their way onto kitchen surfaces while you’re preparing food. Sparkly surfaces also help give the kitchen a much cleaner and tidier feel.

Vacuum or Sweep Heavy Traffic Areas

This might sound like a bigger chore than we promised for this list, but hear us out. Just doing a quick once-over with the vacuum cleaner or broom in common areas will keep tracked-in dirt, dust, and pet dander from collecting and being ground into the flooring. This is especially a good idea if you or anyone in your family suffer from allergies.

Put Away Papers and Personal Items

Make a habit of taking care of the mail as soon as you bring it inside. Pay whatever bills need to be paid; file what needs to be filed; shred what should be shredded; and toss or recycle the rest of the junk mail immediately. As for personal belongings, do a quick 10-minute sweep of the house before bedtime and put away (or ask the belongings’ owners to put away) anything that’s out of place. These two tasks go a long way toward keeping clutter from forming.


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