It’s easy to feel a little more at ease about protecting your home when you know you’re covered in the event of fire, theft, and other damage. But have you checked into your homeowners insurance policy lately? Do you know what’s covered and what’s not? You might think you’re safe if your home floods, but that might not be true. Make an appointment with your insurance agent to see if you’re covered for any of the following issues that aren’t typically covered by basic homeowners insurance.


Your standard insurance policy will not cover damage suffered by your home in the event of a flood. If you live in an area that floods easily, you probably already have additional flood insurance. If you’re not required to carry it, you might want to look into it just in case.

Earthquakes, Landslides, and Sinkholes

Earth movement—whether it’s caused by natural disaster or human interference—isn’t usually covered by a standard policy either. If you live in an area prone to one or more of these threats, it’s a good idea to look into getting a separate policy for them.

Sewer Backups

There are a few different reasons your sewer might back up, including but not limited to growing tree roots, outdated sewer systems, sanitary main blockages, etc. The bad news is that damage caused by a sewer backup isn’t typically covered. The good news is if you’re concerned about it, you can purchase coverage in a separate policy or an endorsement to your homeowners policy.


Your policy likely doesn’t cover issues caused by neglecting to properly care for and maintain your home and its systems. Pest infestation and mold growth not caused by a covered peril are two things that probably won’t be taken care of by your insurance. To keep these issues from arising, the Insurance Information Institute recommends cleaning bathrooms with mold killers like bleach; maintaining your roof; avoiding installing carpet in damp areas like basements and bathrooms; cleaning your gutters regularly; and installing dehumidifiers.

Attacks By Certain Dog Breeds

Certain possibly aggressive dog breeds like German shepherds, Rottweilers, and Chows, among others, aren’t covered by some insurance providers. While your “aggressive” breed might actually be the sweetest pup in the world, it’s the insurance company’s job to weigh the risks in general. If your dog’s breed is covered and bites someone on your property, your policy would cover a claim up to the limits of your liability coverage.

Expensive Jewelry, Art, and Heirlooms

Your policy probably covers personal items like jewelry, but chances are it doesn’t cover any pieces that are considered especially valuable. Jewelry has a high risk of being stolen, so insurance companies often limit coverage per claim to about $1,500. To protect your pricey jewelry or heirlooms, have them appraised and then purchase a rider to cover them.

There could be several gaps in your coverage that you’re not aware of. There are more that we haven’t mentioned here, including cash, collections, and some electronics. If you’re concerned about a lack of coverage in any of these areas, talk to your insurance agent soon. They’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s covered and the coverage limits.




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