Most of the general population of homebuyers and sellers don’t know just how much their real estate agents do behind the scenes. Besides showing you homes to buy or taking care of your listing paperwork, they’re fielding phone calls, negotiating the best deal for you, and organizing inspections, appraisals, professional listing photos, open houses, and much more. But aside from the usual everyday tasks, there are lots of things a great Realtor® can assist you with. 

They can help you stage your home. 

According to the National Association of Realtors®, staging a home makes it easier for buyers to visualize living in a home, and in some cases can actually net a 1% to 5% higher offer than similar unstaged homes. Many agents are all too happy to help you stage your home to make it even more appealing to buyers. Some have their own furnishings and decor at the ready, and some have contacts on speed dial that can help out with the staging process. Even if it’s as simple as using your own furnishings and decor, but removing personal touches like family photos, it’s always a great idea to stage your home before it goes on the market. Just ask your agent for their recommendations!

They can help with relocation services. 

When you’re moving—and especially if you’re moving to a new city or state—it can be stressful to find relocation experts you can trust. A real estate agent who’s been in the business for a while will usually have a solid list of trustworthy businesses and individuals in many different industries. This typically includes moving companies, cleaning services, handymen, and contractors to name a few. If you need assistance finding providers for services like these during relocation, let your Realtor® know. In addition, your local Realtor® should be glad to refer you to another trusted Realtor® in your new city or state. 

They can help you purge and toss. 

Having an unbiased eye is invaluable when it comes to deciding whether to keep or get rid of certain belongings. Agents who offer boutique or concierge services go above and beyond for their clients, and many are happy to help you figure out how to purge your belongings when it’s time to sell or move into a new home. They might help you out personally or arrange for professional organizers, trash haulers, or storage services. 

They can help you get your home in “ready-to-sell” condition.

A great listing agent will do a walkthrough with you and help you make a to-do list of items that should be taken care of before putting your house on the market. If you need help getting it all done, they can recommend professionals, make appointments, meet contractors or other vendors, etc.  

They can help with design ideas and advice.

Trust us. Real estate agents have seen it all—the good, the bad, and the downright hideous. You don’t show homes for a living without learning a thing or two about home decor and design. In fact, some Realtors® go above and beyond to learn about home design by taking classes or doing research on their own time. They might help you navigate the dos and don’ts of design, assist you with a game plan for setting up your existing furniture in your new home, or just help choose paint colors, wall art, and other decor. They could also be valuable in helping you steer clear of uber-trendy design that you might not be happy with a year later! 

These are just a few of the little extras your real estate agent can help you with. Think of her or him as your home buying or selling guru. At Johnson & Wilson Real Estate Company, the agents and staff pride themselves on providing boutique services for clients. They’re more than willing and ready to stand by you step by step and assist in any way they possibly can. Contact one of our amazing agents today to discover the Johnson & Wilson boutique service difference!



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